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Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic of Poughkeepsie, NY
19 N Clover St
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Phone: +1 845 4857628


The call 


The church embraces the opportunity to be of service not only on a religious aspect but also on a community aspect as well. Pastor Mavis Vincent has dedicated herself to helping others by extending her services beyond her duty.  She provides free counseling; after school tutoring for children; mentoring and literacy programs; as well as community outreach to raise family awareness. Community service is significant because it helps to maintain a healthier and productive society. We are focused on making a positive difference in anyway possible (Adams & Christie, 2011).


The Navigator


It’s not unusual to encounter elements that blur our vision.  An element can be a dark cloud, a thick fog, a swirling dust storm, or even a snow blizzard. Though elements can be predictable through weather forecasting and other means, it is important to be prepared. Preparation gives us an opportunity to face our elements. Whether we accept it or not, there will be elements in our life that blurs our vision. To navigate our elements we need support.  As followers of Christ, we acknowledge that true support comes from God. God is the master navigator that will direct our feet through our elements (Proverbs 3:5, Psalms 23-25); (Richards, 2011).




Human beings depend on signals or signs to relay or read messages. Information is critical to the way we live, think, and prepare for our day. In our modern world, we use signals such as the traffic lights, Global Positioning Satellite (G.P.S), and maps, all to assist us in planning or reaching our destinations. Signs are just as critical as well. Traffic signs help us to know if there is road construction, an exit, yield sign, stop sign etc.  Moses saw a sign in the form of a burning bush. The burning bush was not consumed by the fire that danced upon it and this scenery attracted Moses’ attention to investigate the bush. Moses approached the burning bush and God initiated his call and gave Moses his instructions (Exodus 3:1-13); (Richards, 2011).


 Need You

It is a humbling feeling to know that you are needed.  Once you discover that you are needed, there derive a question as to what is needed of you.  Upon acknowledging the need, you must take an assessment of your current situation to determine if you are equipped to meet the need. Every need is accompanied by a purpose, and the purpose at times can be challenging. When you are called by God, a positive response should be given. As in the case of Saul, he heard the voice calling his name and his response was Acts 9:6…“Lord what wilt thou have me to do?”  (Richards, 2011)




Obedience must follow the response, Saul was told to go to Ananias for further instructions and he went willingly. There must be willingness to follow instructions as they are given. Moses, Isaiah, and Jeremiah among others, have encountered the calling by God. They have all responded to the call of God in various ways and all had to follow his instructions (Exodus 3:1-13, Jeremiah 1:4-10,  Isaiah 6:1-9); ( Richards, 2011).



In Matthew 9:37 Jesus said… “the harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.” The master is still in need of laborers and he is still calling for those who are willing to obey. You should respond and yield your will, your intellect and your time to the Lord. It’s not easy to yield to the Lord’s calling.  By yielding to the Lord’s calling, you will probably lose friends and gain enemies. Eventually your decision to yield will grant you eternal rest with Christ (Hebrews 4:9); (Richards, 2011).



The Power of Forgiveness


Walking in forgiveness requires the renewal of your mind.  Your freedom starts when you forgive and favor shows up in our lives when we forgive. To forgive is “to dismiss, to let go, to leave behind.”   Jesus emphasizes that Christians must be ready and willing to forgive the offenses of others.  If we are unwilling to forgive those who do us wrong, God will not forgive us our offenses, and our prayers will be to no avail (Matthew 6:14-15); (Grant, 2011).






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